Today began a new chapter. Resolutions were made and expectations were set for 2014. After a quiet New Years Eve with a best friend, we had time to sit and put things in perspective. Life is short, and there is no excuse not to aim big. So that is what this year is all about. We agreed to take leaps, push ourselves, and stay motivated. Take every opportunity, enjoy our youth, but stay focused on growing as a person. Push creativity everyday, stay healthy and happy, and most importantly love ourselves.

As one of my resolutions, I am taking one photo a day. The 365 day project. A lot of people have adopted this resolution, and I plan to stick with it. Capturing moments is what truly brings me happiness. So by doing this once I day, it is guaranteed that I will never end a day without doing something that I love. Not all photos will be art, but they will be a representation of that day, and something to reflect on. It will force me to take a moment and appreciate the life I live, and encourage me everyday to pick up my camera.

The first photo I post is a celebration of a new year and old friends. Sparklers on our beach to welcome guests back to Florida.